Wednesday, September 06, 2006

the hallowed halls of learning

So school started up again yesterday. I don't really mind I suppose. My classes are fairly interesting (Theory of Knowledge comes to mind) and being an upperclassman definitely has it's perks. Combine that with a kick-ass advisor and I should have a recipe for a fantastic year.


Call it intuition, a sixth sense, or just plain common's going to suck. Majorly. I can feel it, and I know it with every particle of my being (or do i? TOK has taken hold already). What little social life I had last year has now disintegrated. I'm not one for partying or hanging out with people I don't genuinely like, but now I don't even have time to see the kiddies who rock my socks.

Other Things School Removes From My Sphere of Existence:

1.) Personal reading time. Reading is my sphere of existence in the summer, and the cashiers at barnes and noble know not just my name but also my favorite color and shoe size.

2.) Writing things other than analyses of Chaucer, Falkner, or Bronte (<---accents are beyond my technological capacity). This includes journaling, stories, music, pen pals, postcards, and everything that is not signed in accordance with the honor code which is BS, beeteedubs.

3.) Pursuit of non-credit intellectual knowledge. Read: my quest to teach myself German. I'm calling it an 8-month hiatus, but we all know that in 9 months I'll have to start all over again.

4.) Family. This one doesn't bother me so much, but so severe is my impending time crunch that I wonder if I'll be able to remember their faces by the end of term. Wait, I had a brother??!

5.) Sleep. When a bus pulls into my driveway at 0610 hours, sharp, and your homework keeps you sitting at a desk until 0200 hours, then lying in bed worrying about your homework/projects/papers/presentations/discussions/tests/quizzes/hybrid "quests"/exams until 0400 hours AT LEAST...well, at least at this stage I don't need to worry about mascara smudges under my eyes...they'll blend into the dark circles.

6.) TV. Another one that doesn't bother me so much. But the occasional episodes of CSI or West Wing are always welcome guests in my life. I wish my schedule had thought to invite them. How rude.

7.) Food. I do eat during the year...if you can call a Carnation Instant Breakfast guessed it...breakfast, a bagel scarfed down in 3 minutes flat for lunch, and (hopefully) some lukewarm food delivered to me at my desk for dinner food.

8.) A Love Life. Another one I've never really cared about. I like to blame it on school, but I know it's really because I'm too shy.

9.) The Ability to Talk on the Phone. The only phone time I had last year was if it was a conference call with other people in my class for a study session. And that required a headset so that note-typing and text-referencing could occur simultaneously.

10.) Exciting mail. Iowa State College is not exciting. Iowa in general is not exciting. Offers for subscriptions to Seventeen are also not exciting. When I stop writing to my pen pals, they stop writing too. It's a sad cycle that is currently making it's 3rd circle.

That is my (not complete, but fairly detailed) list of activities, concepts, skills, time, and any other applicable nouns that school deprives me of. Now that I'm done ranting, I'm going to go do homework. Because that is my function.


At 8:20 PM, Blogger Zalioth said...

Hi Samantha ^^

I have just found out your blog and I felt identified... Just want you to count on me whenever you need it ^^.


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