Saturday, September 09, 2006

Baby Swans

I know that you aren't supposed to give pets as gifts. But my grandmother's cat, Peanut, died awhile ago, and she's all alone in the house and very lonely. So...her birthday was this past week, and we decided to get her a new kitten. We just picked it up from the animal shelter, it's adorable. It's a grey tabby girl, about 4 lbs., and quite shy. I named her Cygnet (fyi, cygnet=baby swan) cuz I was reading a book in which baby swans were featured and I think it sounds cooler than "Princess" or "Fluffy."
Right now she's in my room, running around like crazy, trying to find a safe spot. Actually, she's just discovered my mirror, and is trying to figure out who her twin stranger is. She's looking behind the mirror for her new "friend." I don't know why, but watching her do this is making me sad. And in a few minutes my grandmother will be here, and then Cygnet will have to go to a whole new home and be scared all over again. I hope she gets better with time, like wine.


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